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Yusung Woven Pile Weatherstripping is a material that closes the gap between window feames and provides insulation and soundproofing for a pleasant indoor atmosphere.
Yusung Woven pile Weatherstripping comes in a variety of sizes that match various window frames that are sold in Korea.
Yusung Woven Pile Weatherstripping is a material made for window frames for protection against wind, sound, insulation, which is good for every kinds of windows frames made of aluminum, plastic, or wood. It also can be used in electronics, ships and electronic trains.
Yusung has solved the shortcomings of existing products by filling the gaps between frames, which prevents the infiltration of air, dust, or insects.
Yusung Woven Pile Weatherstripping provides a plesant indoor environment.
NO.of pile Manufacturable width(W) (m/m) Manufacturable pile hight(H) (m/m) Color
Woven 3.5 - 80.0 3.0 - 20.0


Fin 4.5 - 13.0 3.0 - 20.0

3.5 - 10.0

3.0 - 50.0
Tape 5.0 - 20.0 3.0 - 20.0
For specifications and colors not specified on the catalogue, please feel free to contact our main office since they can be adjusted and produced to suit uses
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